Thursday, April 30, 2009

Convention List-Mania!

Today Julie and Melody (in response to queries about what to wear at the convention) have developed Betsy-like lists to help you in your preparations!

Things to Pack for the Betsy-Tacy Convention:

  1. Magic Wavers
  2. Boudoir cap
  3. Brownie Camera
  4. Plenty of clean shirtwaists
  5. Cocoa pail
  6. Jabot
  7. Notebook
  8. Sharpened pencils
  9. Merry Widow Hat
  10. Rabbit’s foot
  11. Jade bracelets
  12. Julia, to do my hair
  13. Bath salts
  14. Celeste and Hortense
  15. Jockey Club perfume
  16. A curling iron

List of Things to do in Deep Valley (Mankato) at the Betsy-Tacy Convention:

  1. Skinny-dip in Murmuring Lake
  2. Steal fudge from someone’s porch
  3. Go begging on the Big Hill
  4. Make herbariums. In one afternoon.
  5. Take a spin in a red auto
  6. Smoke cubebs
  7. Paint on the roof of the high school
  8. Cut locks of each other’s hair for remembering
  9. Put colored eggs in the branches of the maple tree
  10. Sneak into the Junior dance
  11. Eat a slice of unfrosted cake on the bench
  12. Play for the Lochnivar Nine
  13. Hike through the Big Slough
  14. Eat baklava in Little Syria
  15. Spend a nickel at Mrs. Chubbock’s candy store
  16. Leave a calling card at the chocolate-colored house
  17. Polish Mrs. Ray’s brass bowl
  18. Trample the Sibley’s side lawn
  19. Sample Anna’s muffins and Mr. Ray’s onion sandwiches
  20. Roll up the rug and dance a waltz in Betsy’s house

Things to Look For in Deep Valley (real or imagined)

  1. Mr. Thumbler’s Hack
  2. Page Park
  3. Carney’s sleeping porch
  4. The Big Slough
  5. The Big Hill
  6. Mrs. Ray’s brass bowl
  7. The little glass pitcher
  8. Tony Markham
  9. A maple tree with a cigar box in one of its branches
  10. The Majestic Theatre
  11. Mr. Ray’s Shoe Store
  12. Old Mag
  13. Winged Victory, at the Melborn Hotel
  14. Betsy’s trunk desk
  15. Deep Valley High School
  16. The Carnegie Library
  17. The door with the colored pane of glass
  18. A piano box
  19. A sand store
  20. Heniz’s ice cream parlor
  21. A red auto or a Locomobile

Menu Items to Look for in Mankato Restaurants

  1. Fried potatoes
  2. Everything Pudding
  3. Frog Legs
  4. Onion sandwiches
  5. Floating Island
  6. Beef birds
  7. An Imperial Sundae
  8. Unfrosted cake
  9. Rocks (reread Downtown if you get this reference)
  10. Flopped and unflopped eggs
Thanks for the tips, ladies - see you there!


  1. Don't forget your underwear made from sheeting!

  2. That isn't evem funny, Susann. I never had knit underwear until I was 11. My grandmother made all my underpants from old sheets while I was growing up. In a day when only dresses were worn to school, this was highly embarrassing. But it made my grandma happy to do it, so I had to wear them!
    Maybe because I was 50 years older than Maud, it affected me more?

  3. And some sturdy shoes -- the cobblestones are fierce!