Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Little Deep Valley Tour

Goodness, this is a tiny little picture! I thought it would be bigger!
Since there isn't much to report yet and I am still so excited about the upcoming convention I thought I would post this link to a possible tour of Deep Valley that I made on google maps.
A. It starts at the site of the Melborne Hotel, now the Holiday Inn.
B. We then go past the Carnegie Library, past the churches and Carney's house.
C. To the site of the high school house which is a horrible parking lot.
D. Past Lincoln Park (that pie-shaped wedge - why is it I can't think of Lincoln Park without mentally adding "pie-shaped wedge"?)
E. Past Tib's chocolate colored (or as I used to think about it "chocolate covered") house.
F. To Little Syria and Mr. Meechum's house. Past Emily's slough
G. To the site of Emily's house. And along the river back to the hotel.