Friday, May 1, 2009

Save a bit of money!

You have no idea how easy blogging can be if you can keep getting other people to do the writing for you!

Here is Radhika with some EXCELLENT news regarding the registration deadline:

It has been so wonderful to hear the enthusiasm from everyone who has registered for the convention! The days are fast approaching ... and you can read the counter on the convention website to count down the days and hours until it begins! We know this has been long-awaited and will be a wonderfully fun event.

When the committee started working on the convention, now almost 15 months
ago, we had no inkling (as so many did not) that the economy would take the downturn that it has. My main concern at that time was the transportation cost for our buses, as fuel was reaching near $4.50 a gallon and was predicted to go higher (which thankfully did not happen!). We did not know that times would become so hard for so many people from that time until now.

When we planned our finances, we wanted to provide an incentive for early registration, the way most conventions and meetings do, by providing a discounted registration rate of $245 per person until May 1. Well, thanks to all of the early registrants as well as a generous grant from the Mankato Convention Bureau of $1500, I am happy to say that we have all the money we need up front to pay for our venue costs and deposits.

As such, we want to extend this small bounty to everyone who may be able to attend. So, we are keeping the discounted registration fee of $245 (rather than increasing it to $275) in place until June 15. We know that so many people want to attend, but with the economic uncertainty may not yet know whether they have the funds, and as the goal of the convention is to have as
many people as would like to attend be in Mankato this summer, we hope that this helps anyone who has not yet registered have a little extra boost to make it possible to attend. In the end, this is all a labor of love in the spirit of Maud, and we really hope that everyone who wants to can come! For those who may not know, all proceeds from the convention that are not used to cover the costs of the convention will be donated to the Betsy-Tacy Society.

BTW, in terms of clothing, I am with everyone else in saying that there is definitely no formality and you may wear whatever is comfortable. On Saturday night during the Great World dinner, a dark silk will do :-) or regular everyday clothing. Costumes are definitely encouraged but not mandatory (as Barb once said, we are costume-friendly). On Sunday night is Betsy's Wedding, so, again, if you wish to dress for the occasion, that is great, or any other daily wear clothing is acceptable as well. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes, though, if you plan to Muster Your Wits and dance at Shelby's dance lessons on Monday morning! And bring your running shoes if
you want to run the 5K up the Big Hill with Susan A and friends!

We hope to see you there!


  1. Yay! I kept meaning to write a check all week and was kicking myself this morning that I'd missed the early registration date. Thanks!

    Now I must get Miss Mix in here to work on my clothes for the trip.

  2. It is never too early to start packing! And it is time to think about your costume.... I plan to be Naifi, but there are so many other great ideas!