Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Champion!

An email came out on the planning list and it mentioned that the DV blog might need a little update. I thought, "Cheeze whiz, I just updated the doggone thing a minute ago." Imagine my surprise to find out it had been since January! Shocking!

Some updates - apparently the economy is bad. I hadn't heard (she who don't have, don't miss and all that) but apparently people are concerned. So I thought I would list some cost cutting tips for the convention.

First - don't pay to get there! Walk. All the members of the crowd were big walkers. I don't want to hear any of that "Minnesota is a long way away and I live in California!" whining, either. Start early - you'll be fine. Read THE STAND or BOLD SPIRIT for inspiration. You could also hop a freight, but as we all know it can be dangerous and lead to spooney behavior.

Second - hotel rooms are over-rated. Pitch a tent in Lincoln Park and sleep there. Just make sure it is pie-shaped.

Third - don't worry about food - it is included in your registration and is going to be delicious! If you have been eating a lot of Kraft-Mac lately, you are going to thing you died and went to the Murmuring Lake Inn.

In other news, we have a champion over at Harper Collins! Check this out. And take a gander at the icons in her left sidebar to see where she will be this summer.


  1. Love the blog updates and your cost cutting ideas are great.

    However, I think an airplane, a rental car and a lovely hotel next door to the convention are in my near future.

  2. If you write, I will comment! Even if I have nothing to say!

    You are awesome and funny and a gift to the Convention world!

    xox Jen

  3. Walking! Grand idea. Google says it's a mere 1766 miles for me. Piece of cake.