Friday, April 10, 2009

Lincoln Park Photo

I am going to try to post to this blog at least twice a week. Of course I have made a typo in every other word and have apparently forgotten completely how to type. This might be my subconscious minds way of telling me that I really should be grading papers right now. So things are going slowly in spite of my good intentions.

One thing that would inspire me to write posts that are more interesting than this one (a task seemingly not that difficult thus far...) would be if you left comments! Even things like, "Good luck not having a boring post next time, Barb!" would be welcome. Everybody loves comments!

This picture is Midge, Maud and Bick (Tib, Betsy and Tacy) at Lincoln Park! It was a link in my last blog post and I decided to highlight it here. I know Maud is in the middle but I am not sure who is who Midge and Bick-wise. I would assume the one on the left is light haired Tib, but the one on the right appears to have tiny little legs - could she be our petite fraulein? See, now you have somthing to comment about! First poster with the right answer gets a prize! (And yes, a feeling of accomplishment is, in fact, a prize...)

Tune in next week for a shocking post about Grandma Slade and her scandelous past!


  1. I'm fairly certain the light haired lass on the left is Bick -- based on other photos I've seen. She had lovely white hair in later life.

  2. I'm with Kelly about Bick being on Maud's left from other pictures I remember seeing of her. She did have lovely white hair later on. So, I guess the one on the right would have to be Midge, but other than being shorter than Maud and Bick, she does NOT look anything like I thought she would in her elder years.

  3. Well, you could also note that Midge seems to have pleats in her skirt which is a very Tib like thing to have!

  4. Yep, it's Bick on the left (Maud's right) and Midge on the right (Maud's left). I like Midge's cats-eye glasses. If they were all standing up, you could see what a tiny thing she is.

    Barb, you and Laurie and I should pose for a picture like that when we're 70. (When WE'RE 70, and you're 52) :) Put it on your calendar!

    xox Jen

  5. Such a great photo! Nlow I can't wait to sit in Lincoln Park eating ice cream!