Friday, April 17, 2009

Minneapolis Tour!

Here is guest blogger and all 'round peach (and fig!) Julie Chuba with some information about the tour of Betsy's Minneapolis after the convention. I took a tour with Julie and some other Betsy-Philes two summers ago (stay tuned to read more) and it was tremendous fun. We did look a bit like Betsy and Joe checking out the Canoe Place house, but our motives were not as pure! I am sure there will be much more decorum at this wonderfully organized event!

Here's Julie:

The Minneapolis walking tour of Maud's neighborhood will take place Tuesday, July 21st. I just got a lot more information from the last Maud Hart Lovelace Society meeting which was held this past Monday (April 13). As soon as I make dinner and clean up tonight I will be devoting my evening and probably wee hours of the morning to updating the convention web site with more details.

I will also get a final draft of the registration form sent to the beautiful Jennifer Davis Kay who has so graciously agreed to put it into a pdf form for me as I don't have the software to do that.

But a quick little teaser here:

We'll meet Tuesday morning at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, which Maud attended at one time (although this is not the location of the church when Maud attended).
There will be a muffins/rolls/coffee (can't guarantee the latter will be made with egg, shell and all), then a short program, with remarks by MHLS members, and a presentation by the Maud History Player from the MN History Museum. There will also be a few Maud-related displays.

Then we board a vintage bus from the MN Transportation Museum (I don't know what vintage it will be--I just hope it's older than I am, or I'll feel bad than I can now be labeled "vintage") and drive over to Maud's neighborhood ( just about a mile or two away), where we'll disembark for the walking tour.

We'll see the Bow St. apmt., the Canoe Place house, and the homes of Julia, Margaret, and Jim Hart (Maud's uncle), and the Gluek Mansion, which is mentioned in the BT companion. We'll be able to go inside the Jim Hart house, Margaret's house, and the Gluek mansion. We are still working on getting inside the Bow St. apmt., but so far haven't had any response from the current occupant. Unable to go inside the Canoe Place house as the owner is a bit too difficult for us, so we'll need to be very careful about just viewing that house from the sidewalk, and not going into the yard (BARB).

We'll have a short program with a few surprises at the park where the Ray house once stood, before heading back to the church for a lunch.

Cost for the entire event will be $30 (including lunch) for adults; $15 for kids 16 and younger.

More details to follow as soon as possible!


  1. We don't have to actually attend church, do we? I'd hate for any of my co-tourers to be hit with the lightning.

  2. You're safe, Melody, as I don't think there will be a service on Tuesday AM!


  3. No, the only preaching that will occur will be the gospel of Maud!

    The church just provided us with a convenient meeting space relatively close to Maud's neighborhood. And the person organizing the tour is a member, so she's the one who proposed it.

  4. Colleen O'NeilApril 30, 2009 at 2:52 PM

    Stand next to me, Melody, and I'll do my best to look properly "choir-ish" and keep us both safe! Besides, this is an Episcopal Church, and you know how easy-going they are. You didn't know that? Trust me, they are.