Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'll Have It My Way!

Our guest blogger today is anonymous, but her name rhymes with Badhika! She has some tidbits from the early planning stages of the convention!

About a year ago, when this particular journey started to plan the convention for July 2009, I sent out a survey to MAUD-L so that we could plan the convention to the desires of a “focus group” of people who were so clearly crazy about Betsy-Tacy and Maud Hart Lovelace that they had subscribed to daily chatter about her. As I look back on some of the survey results, I chucked at some of my favorite ones….

How many people in your party will register for the event?

One answer:
I won't come unless I can register as one and one half persons, as my neuroses are Very Sensitive about being uncounted.


What months would be best for you to attend the convention?

Answer: I won't come unless the event takes into consideration the relative humidity and its effect on my hair.

Question: We are deciding between the Holiday Inn (the previous site of the Melborn hotel) and other hotels in the neighborhood. Any thoughts?

Answer: I wont come unless there are chocolates on my pillow every time I return to my room after being away for a period not shorter than 4 minutes. Also, I won't come unless we can go where I want at the times which match my admittedly unusual circadian rhythms.

Another answer: I hope to encounter the ghost of Mrs. Poppy.

Question: What activities would you like during the convention?

Answer: I won't come unless I can have a sedan chair for the walk, with 4 well-muscled, virile bearers wearing only sandals and breechclouts. The breechclouts must coordinate with my eye color. The sandals should be a vegan-friendly material.

Another answer: Maybe a bonfire with weiner and marshmallow roasting and buckets of cocoa one night, to simulate the ice skating bonfires and the other outdoor outings (My note: In July??)

Another answer: We need Perfectly Awful Girl activities after the evening events are over!

Note: We do in fact have these scheduled for those who want to see what Tony and his bad crowd might have been doing at the pool halls…..

Another answer: I want to see “BT and MHL: True Hollywood Story: A presentation”

Question: What type of activities would you like on Sunday morning:

Answer: A pagan event where someone dances widdershins around a clay sculpture of Tony sitting backwards on a chair

But the best question for bringing out the group was the question on whether we should have food that was listed in the books for the meals or foods that are more modern and seasonally appriopriate:

- I am allergic to milk, butter & cheese so as long as there are alternatives (if there are any...).

- Onion sandwiches and Sunday Night Lunch a must! (Note: We will have them!)
- Not too many spicy dishes--I have allergies.
- Vegetables - please include vegetables! Many of the BT food really don't go over to well in the 21st century
- Anything but frog legs!
- I want to try frogs legs!!!

Well, we have used the survey results often over the past several months to guide us (as much as possible and, no, there is not a pagan event scheduled!) so the event promises to be wonderful and there will be something for everyone!


  1. Fab photo! I am secretly hoping to meet my TDS in a dark corner of a Mankato pub as I celebrate with the Perfectly Awful Girls!

  2. Hey! I won't come if people make fun of my Terribly Serious responses to surveys!

  3. Oh my, suddenly I can't get the image of Tony sitting on a backwards chair out of my mind....

  4. I'm picking Joe, Tony, Herbert and Marco as my sedan chair bearers. Is it hot in here?

    Just looking forward to hanging out in Deep Valley with the Crowd; anything else is frosting on Mrs. Kelly's unfrosted cake!