Friday, January 30, 2009

Possible Gift Shop Items

The Convention Planning Board was getting goofy and one of us (I won't rat her out but her name rhymes with Badhika.) got to suggesting that in addition to shirts and bags we should also maybe get B-T themed Christmas ornaments to offer for sale. This was my response:

Christmas ornaments [Badhika]?
Nope, I need more capitalization and question marks.

There, better...

I want a commemorative butter dish and a knit stocking cap and a convention ottoman.

If we make an ornament that will be all the rage next ornament exchange and then the thank you notes will be off the wall.

"Dear Betsy, I relish the memory of us getting tipsy at the convention. Love, Winona"

"Dear Maid at the Hilton, I told you those conventioneers were a messy bunch to clean up after! Puny and tony, but messy!"

"Dear Mr. Thumbler, the time we shared at the convention will live on in my memory. Love, Mrs. Main-Whittiker. PS: Tell no one."

If you would care to put your pithy bon mots in the comments, I would be thrilled.

1 comment:

  1. I want a coffee pot - I still don't understand why egg shells went into the making of the coffee...

    btw, I just posted the link to the convention website on the pages of the two Betsy-Tacy facebook groups that I found.