Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everyone's Talking About the Betsy-Tacy!

Thanks to Julie Chuba, kindest, sweetest web-mistress and all around fig - I present a list of links where other people talk about the convention!

My favorite is Melissa Wiley's story about discovering the books as a young staffer at Harper Collins. I'm sure she thought she was the only one!

Cool Kids Read mentions the books as well.

Even college kids are still reading the tomes!

Some bloggers are mentioning the convention itself. Unplug your kids mentions it . As does Joelle Anthony who is going to be there!

There are mentions on the Greater Mankato Events page and they even include the agenda, which made me even more excited about the convention. Well, I have had that low-intensity excitement for nearly a year, but is just seems so wonderfully SOON now! Meg Cabot mentions it on her Tour Information page. Even the Hibbing Public Library mentions us!

I am off to read a little Carney's House Party in anticipation! Thanks Julie, for the links.


  1. And me, I mention it. Well, in a tangential, self-serving way, but still..

  2. Well where are you??? I will link you!

  3. Oops, yes, I forgot Melody's convention mention! Here's one of the links:

    Check out the gorgeous jewelry, sculptures, lamps, etc. by a very talented Betsy-Tacy fan!