Friday, June 5, 2009

Essay Contest Honorable Mention - the last one!

The following is the last honorable mention essay. It is a silly one, with a gritty kernel of truth to it. Bonnie; Friend
or Foe? You be the judge! (Well, the judging has already occurred, but you know what I mean...) Please assume the words in brackets are delicately crossed out with a thin line so that they can still be read, but have obviously been excised from the poem in a fit of pique.

Bonnie Andrews:
The Woman in the Betsy-Tacy Series That I Most Admire

This poem is shamelessly dedicated to contest judge Darsa Morrow, because she once dedicated a poem, “Odes to Bonnie,” to me.

Bonnie the [Praying] Preying Enchantress
I think that I shall never see
A girl as [lovely] perfidious as Bonnie

A girl who [enchanted] stole beaux all day
While lifting plump hands to [pray] prey

A girl who strove [devoutly] deceptively to ensnare
[Converts] Tall dark strangers to her basement lair

A girl whose [sincere] alleged reforming line
Forced the Crowd on burn-ed toast to dine

Her departure shattered Christian Endeavor
Bonnie will be missed [forever] never!

(Note to judge: Please copy and paste this poem to the end of this essay until the required word minimum is met. Thank you.)


  1. Hilarious! Cindy in SC

  2. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to find out who wrote it... kindred spirit, that one.

  3. burn-ed toast - love!