Monday, July 13, 2009

Forget-Me-Not Designs

Forget-Me-Not Designs of Amboy, Minnesota welcomes you to Betsy-Tacy country! When you arrive in Deep Valley, please stop by our booth (by the Piano Box) and see our Betsy-Tacy jewelry collection, their colors mingling in bewildering iridescence…What sweet delight to choose…each bauble more enchanting than the last!

But you don’t have to just choose, you can buy, and take it home, and wear it year after year. Shopping at Forget-Me-Nots is almost as fun as Christmas Shopping, right here in Deep Valley!

Our Betsy-Tacy Collection features hand crafted collage-style pendants and brooches. Each one has a Betsy illustration, book cover, or actual photo in a metal bezel, along with sparkly collage elements, encased in crystal clear resin. Our Victorian Brooches feature a pendant amid a cluster of hand-crocheted and felted forget-me-nots, blue and reassuring, Betsy would have loved them!

A portion of all sales of Betsy-Tacy Collection jewelry will be donated to the Betsy-Tacy Society.

Are you ready to go out into the Great World, or to attend Betsy’s Wedding, but don’t have a thing to wear? Then Forget-Me-Not Designs is the place to go. Our own “Great World Collection” of dresses, in the 19teens style, is the perfect edition to your weekend wardrobe. Our comfortable designs are light and flowing, and our fabrics are luscious pastels and Big Hill florals. Turkey Trotting at the “Muster Your Wits and Your Feet” dance lessons will be ever so stylish in a dress from the Great World Collection at Forget-Me-Not Designs.

Our 4 generation booth will also have Allie Cat Creations earring designs by Allie, and one-of-a-kind vintage items from “Villager Antiques” in Amboy. Stop by our booth, and the Piano Box, for unforgettable treasures. And don’t forget that no one should go on a trip without bringing presents home to the family!

Happiest Wishes for meeting you in Deep Valley!

Lois Dethloff, Kelly Reuter, Shelby Kirchner, Allie Reuter, & Brennan Kirchner (Piano Box proprietor)


  1. Oh wow! I can't make the convention, but I love your things. Are they for sale any other way? Do you have a website or an Etsy shop?

    thank you,


  2. Beautiful! I just love the photos! Very creative idea. Thanks for posting!