Thursday, April 24, 2008

Early Convention Ideas

Well, we won't be at the Melborne Hotel, but we will be trying to recreate as much of the Betsy Tacy feeling as we can. Here are some of the ideas that are currently on the agenda as we are planning. Just be advised that things can turn on a dime. Feel free to comment about what sounds good to you.
Some of these have already been changed and as soon as we have finalized them we will post an agenda!

Betsy-Tacy Convention
July 2009
Working Agenda


Welcoming speech/Keynote address
Dessert bar and Ice breaker/Game playing

Saturday (day 1)
Traditional Ray family breakfast (at Hotel) with short welcoming speech.
Exploring Deep Valley sites and Betsy and Tacy House tours.
Lunch at Page/Sibley/Minneopa Falls (Weenie roast or Picnic)
Optional children's program
Speed scrabble/charades/rummy room for stay-behinds)
More Exploring D.V. sites Betsy and Tacy House tours
Sunday Night Lunch
BT House Restoration Presentation
Descendants Panel
Optional "Perfectly Awful Girl" Activities

Sunday (day 2)
Continental Breakfast
Optional Small Group Breakouts:
Essay Contest
Hat Making
Optional trip to Point Pleasant and Madison (Murmuring Lake) for lunch

Afternoon Cemetery tour in staggered time
Optional Small Group Breakouts for those not attending the Cemetery Tour
Great World Talk by Julia Nephew
Great World Dinner
Costume and Hat Parade
Silent Auction Results
Essay Contest Results
Trivia Contest
BT Era Music
Optional "Perfectly Awful Girl" Activities

Monday (day 3)
Continental breakfast
Small group sign-ups to visit local churches
Religion in BT with Linda Gelsing
Betsy's Wedding Banquet and Official Farewell

So what do you think?


  1. Sounds fab! I could be more vague if you'd like.

    Seriously, all I care about is hanging out with the cool Maudies, so whatever y'all say is good by me.

  2. Incredible work; it all sounds lovely. Thank you for taking this on!

  3. Thanks to all Convention Planners for the work I can see you have already done. It looks like all the ingredients for a successful convention are in place.